5 Tips on Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Arizona

hiring a criminal defense attorney

5 Tips on Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Arizona

After getting arrested, it is easy for someone to pick up a phone book and flip to the yellow pages looking for someone to defend them. Ads upon ads litter these pages along with various phone numbers and promises in ink that THIS firm or THAT attorney is the only choice. You are not limited to this information. You have the right to vet your legal counsel thoroughly, but time is of the essence in criminal cases. You will need to do your research and make the right choice as soon as you possibly can.

1. Look For Responsiveness

Arrests can happen anytime, day or night, so finding an attorney who is available when you need them should rank high on your list when finding the right attorney. Consideration should be given to the fact that these attornies handle multiple criminal cases at one time, so being at your beck and call is not something they can promise. However, they should try to accommodate a meeting with you within one day of your initial phone call.

2. Local Court Experience

Finding an attorney that knows the lay of the land can be an attribute to your criminal case. Local attornies often know the courts and the ruling style of the judges within their districts. Choosing an attorney that has never stepped foot in the courtroom that you are going to be arraigned or tried in would be a gamble. When it comes to criminal defense, you are in no situation to gamble.

3. Knowledgeable

The attorney you choose should be knowledgeable about criminal defense. This should go without saying, but some don’t consider this to be a determining factor when choosing an attorney. Your attorney doesn’t have to be able to recite every Arizona law, but they should have a solid knowledge of the basic criminal defense codes. Even though you are the main component in your case, it is the attorney that handles all of the motions and arguments in court. They should be able to provide you with the defense you need.

4. The Fees are Clear

Some fee agreements are like reading a foreign language. The best Arizona defense attornies are going to present you with an understandable fee agreement. These attornies want you to understand what their defense on your case is going to cost, and it is laid out without hidden fees. The fee agreement should also dictate how payment is to be made and stipulations to the defense if these are not paid. Don’t automatically go with the least expensive legal defense because you may end up with a cheap defense.

5. Watch the Attorney for Confidence and Enthusiasm

The best Arizona defense attornies enter the courtroom with confidence. They are not set back by the possibility of a loss because they believe they have the defense that will win your case. Do not mistake confidence for arrogance. Some attornies walk into a courtroom with the assumption that they have won, and the courtroom is a formality. The attorney you want will have the proper amount of skepticism about the case, but the enthusiasm and confidence that beams in the courtroom.

Choosing the Right Fit

There are plenty of Arizona criminal defense attornies to choose from when you are getting ready for a trial. You could probably hire just about any one of these attornies, and they will create a defense that may get your charges reduced or a reduced sentence. You aren’t looking for a reduced charge or a reduced sentence, and you are looking for the attorney that will fight to get your charges dropped. You need the right fit for you and your case.

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