Accused of Domestic Violence but Innocent in Arizona

accused of domestic violence but innocent

Accused of Domestic Violence but Innocent in Arizona

accused of domestic violence but innocentIn many jurisdictions, police take both parties involved in a domestic violence call to jail. That means there are two mugshots and potentially two reputations ruined. This can be justified by a well-worded sentence by a police officer or detective:

“Both people present and involved in the incident had marks consistent with striking,” the police report could read.”

At this point, the officer is handing the case off to the courts without taking into consideration that one side may have been defending themselves and in the process left a mark on the other person.

But what if you are not guilty? Now, you are stuck in a legal situation and the potentially severe consequences of a domestic violence charge in Arizona. While the court may eventually clear you of any wrongdoing, your reputation is already sullied.

It Can Happen To Anyone

Domestic violence can happen to anyone and is one of the most horrific crimes that can be committed. It can quickly escalate and rip families apart. Those who commit domestic violence should be charged and prosecuted, but in a fair setting. It must be fair because people accused of wrongdoing who are innocent must be exonerated.

We have heard time and time again of people being accused of domestic violence when it never actually happened. Maybe a partner or spouse is so angry that they act out, hurt themselves, and call the police to tell them you did it.

It happens. Yes, claims of domestic abuse can land a person in jail and on the defensive. We live in an era where the media makes a sensation out of every accusation. In light of many high-profile domestic abuse cases in professional sports, nobody seems to be interested in hearing all sides of the story.

One case in particular got our attention because it shows how false claims can garner national attention. It is the story of an NBA player tells us that false charges do have consequences. Dante Cunningham played for the Minnesota Timberwolves. His contract was not renewed for another season, even though the case was still ongoing. He was arrested again for violating a restraining order because the alleged victim said he sent threatening messages to her via Skype.

After a court battle in which there was a lack of evidence against Cunningham, it seems as if his accuser made the entire story up. Guess what? She sent those Skype messages to herself.  Click here for additional information on Arizona domestic violence laws.

The Consequences

It should be noted that domestic violence charges do not only happen between spouses or partners. They can arise in situations involving other relatives, children, in-laws, or anyone a person has been intimate with in the past.

A person faced with a misdemeanor assault or domestic violence charge faces the following:

  • Up to 6 months in jail
  • A $2,500 fine
  • Up to 3 year’s probation
  • Loss of firearm privileges

Subsequent charges can result in more severe penalties, including felony convictions that carry prison time.

A conviction of this nature could also have serious consequences for your ability to find work or maintain employment. It can be used against the person convicted when it comes to child custody cases and divorce proceedings.

What To Do

If you find yourself in a situation where you have been charged with domestic violence, we know you will be confused about what to do next. You absolutely need to secure skilled legal representation. Do not rely on a public defender for something like this.

Both men and women are often falsely accused of domestic violence. A false domestic abuse charge should not ruin your life. The goal is to get these charges dismissed altogether so you can clear your name and get back to living your life.