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Introduction to Arizona Vandalism Criminal Defense

Arizona Vandalism Criminal Defense

Introduction to Arizona Vandalism Criminal Defense Criminal property damage, better known as vandalism, is a common and fairly low-level crime in many instances.  However, like most non-violent charges, the penalty increases substantially relative to the value of the damage itself.  This article will explain what the charge of vandalism encompasses in Arizona, along with possible penalties […]
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introduction to white collar criminal defense

White Collar Criminal Defense

Introduction to White Collar Criminal Defense White collar crimes are non-violent crimes motivated by money, generally perpetrated by business professionals.  For the most part, there are four main categories of white collar crime: Fraud, Embezzlement, Tax Evasion, and Money Laundering.  These categories are not independent of one another; in fact, most white collar crimes include […]
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introduction to shoplifting laws in arizona

Shoplifting Laws in Arizona

Introduction to Shoplifting Laws in Arizona In Arizona, shoplifting is a broad term which encompasses a range of crimes.  It is formally defined as either removing merchandise from a store without paying, altering price tags, removing price tags, concealing items, or moving items from their original container.  Like most states, Arizona shoplifting law is strict […]
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introduction to vehicular crimes in arizona

Vehicular Crimes in Arizona

Introduction to Vehicular Crimes in Arizona Although most vehicular crimes are “accidents” relative to more intentional crimes like gun violence, they are still litigated harshly.  Arizona aggressively prosecutes any car accident based on the presence of recklessness, and this recklessness usually-but not always- comes paired with driver inebriation.  This article will outline the various vehicular […]
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