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Introduction to Arizona Vandalism Criminal Defense

Arizona Vandalism Criminal Defense

Introduction to Arizona Vandalism Criminal Defense Criminal property damage, better known as vandalism, is a common and fairly low-level crime in many instances.  However, like most non-violent charges, the penalty increases substantially relative to the value of the damage itself.  This article will explain what the charge of vandalism encompasses in Arizona, along with possible penalties […]
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introduction to vehicular crimes in arizona

Vehicular Crimes in Arizona

Introduction to Vehicular Crimes in Arizona Although most vehicular crimes are “accidents” relative to more intentional crimes like gun violence, they are still litigated harshly.  Arizona aggressively prosecutes any car accident based on the presence of recklessness, and this recklessness usually-but not always- comes paired with driver inebriation.  This article will outline the various vehicular […]
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alcohol misconduct criminal defense concerning public intoxication

Alcohol Misconduct Criminal Defense

Introduction to Alcohol Misconduct Criminal Defense Although criminal defense of anything related to alcohol is usually centered on DUI law, there are other laws related to alcohol consumption.  This article will discuss the Arizona standards on Minor in Possession and Consumption law, open container law, and public intoxication law, along with possible defenses for each. […]
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Civil Damages for Assault and Battery

Most people think of car accidents, slip and fall cases, and medical malpractice when personal injury is the topic. However, assault and battery are among the most common civil causes of actions in the realm of “intentional torts.” Assault and battery are civil causes of action normally associated with the criminal justice process, however, it […]
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