Committing DUI on a Motorcycle in Arizona

dui on a motorycle in arizona

Committing DUI on a Motorcycle in Arizona

Does the vehicle you’re operating affect the consequences of committing DUI in Arizona? What are the regulations for those driving a motorcycle? In addition, will the consequences of the DUI differ on the basis of the vehicle? Let’s find out consequences of committing DUI on a motorcycle in Arizona.

Operating a Motorcycle Under the Influence in Arizona

Operating any kind of vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious transgression. Arizona is recognized as one of the states that have the strictest DUI penalties. Motorcycle riders aren’t exempt from the consequences of being intoxicated on the road.

Since the number of motorcycles in Arizona is smaller than the number of cars, fewer DUI cases will involve such vehicles. This fact has led to the misconception that the drunk or drugged operation of a motorcycle is a less serious violation of Arizona laws than getting behind the wheel of a car.

The same DUI laws apply to all kinds of vehicles designed for non-commercial use. Commercial vehicle operators are subjected to even stricter regulations and sanctions.

In Arizona, the blood alcohol content limit (BAC) is 0.08 percent, regardless of the vehicle being operated. Having such a BAC reading will lead to DUI charges, license suspension for a period of one year, as well as all other criminal law consequences of driving under the influence.

Some of the other sanctions may include jail time, paying a fine, mandatory DUI course attendance and counseling, community service and the eventual installation of an ignition interlock device (IID). The severity of the penalties will increase for repeat offenders and for individuals who are riding a bike with a much higher BAC than the threshold percentage.

Ignition Interlock Devices and Motorcycles

The question about IID installation on a motorcycle deserves to be explored, as well.

Just like car drivers may be ordered to have an IID installed in their car, motorcycle owners who commit DUIs may have to deal with a similar court order. The aim of the device is to prevent the engine from starting whenever the operator has consumed alcohol.

According to Arizona Revised Statutes 28-101(58), motorcycles are included in the definition of vehicles. The IID requirements apply to all kinds of vehicles. More information about the IID requirements and the mandated installation of such devices can be discovered in Arizona Revised Statutes 28-1381 and 28-1382.

The rule also applies to people who own a car and a motorcycle. Committing DUI means that you will be screened from that point forward, regardless of what vehicle you plan to operate. Thus, you will need to have an IID on your car, your motorcycle and any other vehicle you own.

Additional Consequences of a DUI on a Motorcycle in Arizona

dui on a motorcycle in arizonaIn Arizona, you need to have a specialized motorcycle license on top of the license you have to operate a car. When a DUI is committed, both the motorcycle and the standard license will be suspended for the designated period of time (typically – one year).

A motorcycle license carries the same implied consent as the standard Arizona license. Thus, you cannot turn down a BAC test. If you do, your license will be revoked automatically and you will have to deal with the legal consequences. In addition, law enforcement professionals could still undertake the required steps to oblige you legally to take the BAC test.

Keep in mind that motorcycles are more difficult to operate than cars and they require a certain skillset in order to be utilized safely. Consuming alcohol and riding the motorcycle could have severe consequences that will go beyond your criminal record. Injuries that are pretty common in motorcycle DUI collisions include bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, head trauma, disfigurement and lacerations. Such accidents could also have a lethal outcome so don’t get on the motorcycle if you have had a few drinks.