Fraud Scheme Charges in Arizona

Fraud Scheme Charges in Arizona

In recent months there has been a spike in fraud allegations and charges. Many people claim that they were the victims of fraudulent covid-19 schemes, and fraud relating to tax collection. As a result, many people are facing fraud charges, as a result of police work and the increase in fraud investigations. However, fraud itself is a tricky subject. It is a challenging charge to defend, and it is a challenging charge to prosecute.

Anyone facing a fraud charge has a right to be concerned about their future. There’s a wide scope of laws, and often fraud charges are not independent charges but come with a myriad of other accusations. You should expect to face a lot more than a single fraud charge.

What is a Fraud Scheme?

Almost every fraud charge relates to a type of scheme. That are telemarketing fraud schemes, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, extortion and more. Those are typically coined as white-collar crimes. Then there are internet crimes which can include credit card fraud, debt elimination systems, escrow fraud, and identity theft.

All the above and the many other types of fraud that can occur can result in criminal charges. If convicted, many can result in felony convictions depending on the amount at issue. One major issue that people face is that law enforcement often sites any suspicious behavior as possible fraud. If they aren’t sure of where money came from, or if a series of calls were legal, they move forward with fraud charges.

Are Fraud Charges Criminal Charges

Yes, fraud charges are absolutely criminal charges. Many fraud charges are often depicted as ‘white-collar’ and the idea is that the term makes the charges lesser than criminal charges. They are not lesser than criminal charges.

A fraud conviction can come with extraordinarily high fines and jail time. You need to fervently fight to show that you weren’t involved in any fraudulent scheme. Fraud charges can also result in a civil action in addition to criminal charges.

Fraud Defenses

Most fraud defenses will work to address the specific type of alleged fraud. With bank fraud, you may need to prove that you had a legal right to use those forms or documents. For example, you may need to show that you had power of attorney over an older family member’s account and handling finances on their behalf.

Other defenses might evaluation the intent and show that there was not intentional misrepresentation or intention to financially benefit. Intent drives a lot of the criminal element in fraud claims.

Arizona Fraud Defense for Criminal Charges

Often when it comes to you pulling back the layers of evidence, people will find that customers or those people possibly affected never had complaints. It is often law enforcement that talks people into believing they were a victim. Fraud schemes that can be proven through paper trails, and clear evidence which would support the intent to defraud and illegal activity. But, when that evidence doesn’t exist and there is no explanation for a guilty verdict.

Working with an Arizona criminal trial attorney is the first step toward looking at all the evidence, not just the evidence which serves the prosecution.