Soliciting A Prostitute In Arizona: Law And Penalties

AdobeStock_41079170 (gif final)Local law enforcement in Arizona frequently operate solicitation and prostitution stings where they disguise themselves as prostitutes. Police run large prostitution stings during large events like the Super Bowl, as seen with former professional NFL player and hall of famer Warren Sapp. Craigslist has even agreed to help crack down on prostitution postings to assist Arizona. If you are arrested for soliciting a prostitute in Arizona, be prepared to face penalties that may greatly affect your life.


The Law

There are no state-wide laws that are specific to soliciting a prostitute, however, prostitution is illegal. Most cities in Arizona, like Phoenix, have their own municipal code addressing soliciting prostitutes.

  • State-Wide Law:
  • R.S. §13-3214 – Outlaws prostitution
  • R.S. §13-3211 – Defines prostitution as anyone engaging in, agreeing, or offering sexual services for a fee arrangement
  • Phoenix Law:
  • Phoenix Municipal Code §23-52 – Generally, a person is guilty of soliciting a prostitute if they engage, agree, or offer sexual services for a fee arrangement.

Penalties In Phoenix

  • First offense: No less than 15 days in jail
  • Second offense: No less than 30 days in jail and fines
  • Third offense: No less than 60 days in jail, treatment and counseling, and fines
  • Fourth Offense Or More: No less than 180 days in jail, treatment and counseling, and fines

Ariano & Reppucci Can Help

At Ariano & Reppucci, we understand that penalties for this crime can affect your life permanently. Even simply being charged can do equal damage. Regardless of the stigma attached to this crime, you still have a right to representation and a defense. Depending on your case, lack of probable cause, warrantless arrest or search, or entrapment may be your defense to your solicitation charge. Call Ariano & Reppucci now for a free consultation.