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consequences of drug cultivation

Consequences of Drug Cultivation & Manufacturing in Arizona

Consequences of Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing Possessing drugs can be a criminal offense in Arizona and the same applies to the distribution of drugs. Both of these offenses, however, come with less serious sanctions than the consequences of drug cultivation or manufacturing in Arizona. The cultivation of drugs like marijuana and the manufacturing of narcotics are […]
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dui on a motorycle in arizona

Committing DUI on a Motorcycle in Arizona

Committing DUI on a Motorcycle in Arizona Does the vehicle you’re operating affect the consequences of committing DUI in Arizona? What are the regulations for those driving a motorcycle? In addition, will the consequences of the DUI differ on the basis of the vehicle? Let’s find out consequences of committing DUI on a motorcycle in […]
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assault charges in az

Are You Facing Arizona Felony Charges?

Are You Facing Arizona Felony Charges? If you are facing felony charges in Arizona, your entire life could be impacted. Obviously, felonies are much more serious than misdemeanor charges. There are several different classes of Arizona felony charges. Felonies fall into different classes and each classification has a different potential sentence. The classification of the […]
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medical blood draws

Medical Blood Draws in Arizona DUI Cases

Medical Blood Draws in Arizona DUI Cases Whenever a person is stopped by law enforcement professionals in Arizona and there’s some evidence they could be intoxicated, the individual will be detained. Following the arrest, a blood alcohol content test will be administered. The test can be in the form of blowing into breathalyzer or medical […]
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